It’s been a long day!

It hasn’t been a awful day, just long. Rainy days kill my body. Not only does every bone in my body ache, but the overwhelming feeling of LAZINESS I swear is brought on by the weather. I was happy falling asleep last night knowing today was gonna hit a whooping 56 degrees. Michigan peeps know by now 56 is sounding like SUMMER!

The rain is WET. The air is COLD, which made not only the ground and sky ugly, but also my mood! Don’t think I mentioned in any post that I have a nasty thyroid disorder. It’s hypothyroidism and uncontrollable. From this I got what looks like a Adam’s apple in men’s throat, that has formed into what drs call goiters. Since seeing one thyroid specialists after another lead to Hashimoto autoimmune disorder, which really sucks!!!

I’m plain out tired, like not normal tired. More like I can’t move pain is so bad and have the ambition of a slug on its deathbed! I have cocktails, all day, at least when the 6pm syndrome doesn’t start, and I remember it’s 💊💊💉💉 time! I can’t express my love enough for Mr sunbeam (heating pad). No one can stop the pain. No one can control the thyroid and next is government stepping in and gonna stop pain meds! I for one am so scared of day that the doctor no longer fills my looney bin cocktail which seems to in the least get me from one day to another! I love butterflies 🦋, they’re my symbol in life, but the thyroid is butterfly shaped and is the beginning of diagnosis for me from anxiety to depression to fibromyalgia.

I am ready to beg drs please take the butterfly 🦋 from my neck, put in a jar and I will take care of it the rest of my time until called to heaven. Done complaining for now, time for a nap 😴 lol I hope anyone reading this is having a better day, and know if you have any of these disorders, you’re not alone!



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