A few ways I save/make money…

I want to share a few ways I make some money doing everyday things. I tried being the Extreme Couponer. That didnt go so well. I mean was fun and a challenge for a couple months. However I was getting to point I had so much junk I had no use for. I then figured I would have a yard sale, to at least recoup the $$$ I may have spent unnecessarily. That never happened lol so if wasnt given or thrown away, I have no idea what I had bought with those coupons, or even how much money I had “saved” by using them lol.

I now use apps and websites online to try and save or make some money back from things I buy. Not only do I get money back, these apps are fun, there are bonus and challenges. I have a scatterbrain and at this moment, they keep my attention. Gonna share the main ones I use. I will also put the link with the site/app. Fell free to check them out. I believe if you join with the links, theres usually a referral bonus and most even start you off with att least your first $5. I am only putting the ones I have done for the last year or more. Hope you enjoy and this can at least save someone moolah.

  1. Swagbucks- http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Angebry4. This site can be used on a mobile phone, tablet, android, ipad, iphone, or even at home on a desktop. This site is fun to me. You earn points daily watching videos, recipes, searching, anthing you do online, do through swagbucks. 100 swagbucks is $1.00. It is so easy to make $10.00 and up just searching the web playing games, answering polls…. shopping everywhere online is a huge bonus. Payouts come through either paypal, venmo, even giftcards to use on swagbucks to get paid for buying stuff with the earned money. If you spend even a hour total daily online, you could very easily be adding money for what you were doing without.
  2. Ibotta- http://ibotta.com/r/afbpwss. This app is another easy one. I have made $970.00 over the year. Whenever I go to store, for groceries, toiletries, shampoo, meds, beer, wine, alcohol, vegetables… Simply go through the app after you get home, choose store you went to, theres tons from gas stations, 7-eleven, pharmacys, big stores like Walmart, Kroger Meijer, click on items you have purchased during that run, take picture of receipt, app does the rest.  These rebates add up. Like I said,, there are alot of everyday use items and some are even any purchase rebates. Also can do online shopping through ibotta and get rebates. Theyre adding more to this recently and I believe there is even uber use rebates too. Every penny counts under circumstances I live.
  3. Shopkicks- https://getsk.co/blue640936. This is a phone app that I have grown to love! You need to have a smartphone for this one. It can be fun, rewarding and doesnt require any extra work to make money via giftcard to many stores, cash into paypal, or even receive check in mail. Whenever leaving home, smart phone at your side, bluetooth on. Any of the stores listed that you walk up, should alert you and easily receive walk in points. Also there are items listed. If you go to that item in the store, take a picture of barcode/upc code, and instantly get points, purchase that item and get even more.****DO NOT TRY AND CHEAT THIS ONE BY USING OTHER DEVICES AND GOOGLE CODES TO SCAN**** Shopkicks will find out and you will be kicked from the program instantly, no warning, losing all kicks that have not yet been redeemed.
  4. Checkpoints- http://chk.pt/download_cp. If use this one, please type in amorda for referral and we will both get some pts :).  This is another one like Shopkicks. Just doing daily check ins, few scans, but also has surveys that can be done, and short video clips you can watch from anywhere and easily, turn into cash or giftcards. There is a scratch off and a slot machine which you can use your earned points and try your luck into even more points. I always cash this one out at $10 least once weekly. Fastest way is to redeem for target, walmart, mass stores, but can cash out to paypal. Will be in your paypal within 24-72 business hours.

These are my most used apps. Life has changed with technology. We no longer have to fill out forms and mail in rebates. These apps have non stop rebates, I believe more offers are added weekly. The last 2 apps would definitely benefit anyone who has a baby. there high value rebates for diaapers, formula, wipes, cleaning supplies…. Can do mulitple purchases on most, although receipts can be used only once, have to scan the receipt within 1-2 weeks of purchase depending on what app rules are.

Hope some of you can use some of these. They’re fun, and if you dont have paypal, or linked bank accounts, giftcards are just as good and they help during holidays in a pinch!


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