My way of blogging!

I have been so excited to start blogging! I have read every article possible of how to have a successful blog. Talk about stress!

Tonight I thought to myself, why am I sweating this so much? I have been through so much in my life.
I have so much to share between experience, funny journeys, sad triumphs, life lessons…

I am gonna try this my way. I am gonna come on here and use it as a journal. Sometimes may just wanna chat talk, ask questions, meet more bloggers vent, laugh, cry or just want to jot down my thoughts. I hope to provide encourage other bloggers, get feedback, and also maybe can join along with others on my media pages, Etsy, and want to start a YouTube vlog also. 
I'm gonna put this out there. Please anyone out there who may see this, not only follow, but leave me suggestions in the comments on your ways of blogging.
 There sure is a lot to read on internet on blogging.
Very first thing to learn of me, I cannot concentrate and follow through if I don't understand or I feel like what I am doing has become "work". Blogging in my mind has always been journaling. Others read and lots of friendships become of this. sortve like pen pals!
I cant wait to see where this adventure takes me. I know I have a lot to learn. pointers and recommendations always appreciated,Lets do this together so this blog world doesn't seem as intimidating and scary!

12 thoughts on “My way of blogging!

    1. Hi Tabatha. Mainly just doing this because I love to read, write and learn. I am only 41 and think have been through a ton in my past. I need somewhere to put it all. I have been slow at this. Theres so much more to making a blog then just typing up your daily thoughts. I also been making jewelry. Added my Etsy site somewhere on here. I am so much better at online friends than I am at in person friends. Its hard to live this crazy life you will hopefully want to read about, and make time and have energy to do things and go places. When all said and done, yep, everything and anything lol….Thank you for responding and will be reading more about you tonight πŸ™‚

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