Collyn, mom loves you

Take my hand and come with me,
I want to teach you about ADHD.
I need you to know, I want to explain,
I have a very different brain.
Sights, sounds, and thoughts collide.
What to do first? I can’t decide.
Please understand I’m not to blame,
I just can’t process things the same.
Take my hand and walk with me,
Let me show you about ADHD.
I try to behave, I want to be good,
But I sometimes forget to do as I should.
Walk with me and wear my shoes,
You’ll see its not the way I’d choose.
I do know what I’m supposed to do,
But my brain is slow getting the message through.
Take my hand and talk with me,
I want to tell you about ADHD.
I rarely think before I talk,
I often run when I should walk.
It’s hard to get my school work done,
My thoughts are outside having fun.
I never know just where to start,
I think with my feelings and see with my heart.
Take my hand and stand by me,
I need you to know about ADHD.
It’s hard to explain but I want you to know,
I can’t help letting my feelings show.
Sometimes I’m angry, jealous, or sad,
I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and mad.
I can’t concentrate and I lose all my stuff.
I try really hard but it’s never enough.
Take my hand and learn with me,
We need to know more about ADHD.
I worry a lot about getting things wrong,
Everything I do takes twice as long.
Everyday is exhausting for me…
Looking through the fog of ADHD.
I’m often so misunderstood,
I would change in a heartbeat if I could.
Take my hand and listen to me,
I want to share a secret about ADHD.
I want you to know there is more to me.
I’m not defined by it, you see.
I’m sensitive, kind and lots of fun.
I’m blamed for things I haven’t done.
I’m the loyalist friend you’ll ever know,
I just need a chance to let it show.
Take my hand and look at me,
Just forget about the ADHD.
I have real feelings just like you.
The love in my heart is just as true.
I may have a brain that can never rest,
But please understand I’m trying my best.
I want you to know, I need you to see,
I’m more than the label, I am still me!!!!
~Author Unknown


Today is appt with specialist….

So I am sure I told all I have hypothyroidism along with fibromyalgia gerd, depression, anxiety, and 2 goiters on sides of my thyroid gland.

I have been on and off seeing doctors since 2003 for hypothyroidism. When all said and done, you have a butterfly πŸ¦‹ shaped gland towards middle of neck. Mine being hypothyroidism means I have an under active thyroid. Anytime over the years I would see a dr. I would explain what I am feeling ie. fatigue, pain, dizzy, throat really scratchy. I also have a really hard time losing weight. Every single dr would run blood work. I would get a call from dr office usually the next day. They want me back to be seen stat. STAT is a scary word.

Upon arriving back to dr, they always said we ran blood test, your thyroid levels are off the charts. They would say they’re gonna put me on a dose of synthroid, and all should be fine.

Ok so in my head, I’m thinking yea right. How can that little gland cause all these extreme symptoms? It’s just this thing in your neck. No way that can cause all these problems I have. To humor them I would take recommended thyroid med. All these years, even taking the med, I feel worse and worse. Meds got adjusted many of times, treat pain pain meds, anxiety and depression got their own meds, trouble staying awake (narcolepsy) meds, morning noon and night cocktails for 15 years!

Seen many different specialist. Always told nothing could be done, besides treating the symptoms. No matter what med I take thyroid still crazy levels. I feel like at this point I am never gonna BE FIXED, feel better and just go on until my end, with this lumpy butterfly πŸ¦‹ in my throat!

Over the years, specialist say, thyroid problems have stemmed off and caused me to have and be diagnosed with hashimotos autoimmune disorder. Great, another uncurable problem. Lol I have come to terms, never gonna have a good thyroid, deal with best I can with meds. When all said and done, this year, I just learned to cope, pain and anxiety meds took edge off, all other meds got each day bareable enough to go to the next day!

NOW THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO PUNISH ALL CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS, for the world being addicted, and drs and pharmacy all scared. What’s the answer to that??? Get all their patients off the meds! So now anyone who deals with these issues can no longer even take edge off the many symptoms, every time I go to dr, I hear Angie I have to cut them down. It’s the law. I cry. Yes I am dependent on many of these meds. They have been my treatment for last 15 years. THEY HELPED! I don’t want to be dependent on meds… I also don’t want to be in nonstop pain, sleep all day, up all night, worry constantly, anxiety through the roof!

Well all that babble done. I am praying πŸ™πŸ» today I go see a specialist at University of Michigan which I am praying will not only help with all these problems, but also god I pray, cure this πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹ so I can go on with life! I want to be happy, energetic, and pain free!!!! So all I can say, is let’s do it!!!! Wish me luck all! I wouldn’t wish a stubborn gland on anyone. I want to feel good!

Not forgetting about readers….

I have alot going on right now but will definitely be able to do more on blog through the weekend, so keep eyes open!

My daughter Daisie and I made this using tires. If you cant tell its the poo emoji lmao…. We had so much fun doing this and has become a great planter! Anyone have any DIY pics they would love to share?

Love my Peach
I absolutely love our relationship! Daisie is not only my daughter, she is huge hearted, compassionate, smart, and always here for me when I need her!

I Need Help and Opinions

I am making my own personal goal of getting my handmade crafts, as well as few other things out there for sale. I have some listed on Ebay, Etsy, and my mother in law has some of the jewelry I have created at a very trendy store offline. Can anyone out here give me some pointers? I will be spending the rest of today and hoping the whole day tomorrow listing them online. Its discouraging however, getting started. I have had these listed on Etsy for a long time. I have some likes and even favorites from some of them, but NO sales online.

I there anyone here having success with online sales and that could give me some pointers? I would love to use this as my way to become independent. I cant really work a full time “real” job with the disorders I have, and I want to find success in something and show my kids that no matter what you try, when giving your all, you can succeed.

Between my moneymaking sites, selling sites, and my blog, from today on out I will be giving my ALL. Please anyone reading this, share with your friends family and others that may have any tips. Have them follow me. Not only do I take all opinions and criticisms, but I have a great set of ears to help and be a good friend also!