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I have alot going on right now but will definitely be able to do more on blog through the weekend, so keep eyes open!

My daughter Daisie and I made this using tires. If you cant tell its the poo emoji lmao…. We had so much fun doing this and has become a great planter! Anyone have any DIY pics they would love to share?

Love my Peach
I absolutely love our relationship! Daisie is not only my daughter, she is huge hearted, compassionate, smart, and always here for me when I need her!

Had a post here, but forgot to publish…

One thing I don’t think I have said yet, that my 14-year-old son, Collyn, has had ADD among a few other characteristics added to his special self… Poor kid, received a lot of moms characteristics.

When I was a little girl, when all other kids were being asked “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” They all had great ideas like doctor, lawyer, work at mcds….. haha wonder if they all  made it. My answer was ALWAYS I want to be a mom! I want 2 kids.

First I want a son, and then a daughter. I want to raise them to be high achievers, caring, respectful, and giving.  I wanted them to be proud of who raised them and hopefully go on and carry down the same values that I can stand proud and know in my heart, I taught them that.

I have wanted this dream to happen and  thought how hard can it be? When we grow older, we meet man of dreams, get married have kids and then the picket fence and swing sets and all come into play. That’s the way all the movies and the after school programs worked. (Anyone else remember those?  I loved them!)

First day of 7th grade, I got real sick. Spiked fevers, Spent like 24 hours throwing up, tired in pain and now hugging the toilet at 5am when mom and dad woke up for day! Dad had to go to work. Both of my parents worked full-time jobs usually opposite hours. I think the world of them, and till this day, they are 2 of my very best friends! So my dad had to work, We lived in Massachusetts. Economy wasnt that great, I also have a younger and an older brother. Money was tight. My dad left to work, and my mom was worried. She told me to go lay in her room where it was cooler, try to sleep and she will wake me in few hours to check on me.

It wasnt that long I don’t think, maybe around noon my mom came to check on me. She said all the throwing up I did she wanted me try to eat something. Afraid I would be dehydrated or have dry heaves return. Them things are the pits. I dragged my butt out to dining room and sat at table. My mom had toast and bowl of cereal ready for me. I really didn’t have appetite but I knew I wasnt getting out of this. Besides I already had the dry heaves for hours in morning and felt like ripping my insides out trying to breathe in between.

All it took was one bite. chewed, swallowed and the bent completely over in pain screaming at top of my lungs I am in pain and gonna die. My mom was going to call 911, but with my big mouth, Linda across the street came over to check on me. They all figured would be faster for her to drive to hospital, then wait for ambulance. My dad took our only vehicle to work which is why they often did separate shifts.

After that, all happened so fast…. Got in through emergency, scared one minute doubled over in pain and next thing I hear is we have to do an emergency appendectomy. My appendix burst. Those times weren’t like now. I still have a good 8″-10″ scar from where they cut. I was now in a life death position. They gave my meds, I was loopy. I looked up before they took me to operating room, and still remember my dad and brothers standing over me telling me they love me. My brothers were dressed very nice and had gold chains on, so I was thinking great they already got funeral clothes….

I was in hospital over a month over this because when they close up my stomach I still had so much infection, The doctors had to recut where incision was, squeeze all infection out ( the entire hospital smelled like what was in mt stomach and it was nasty. Instead of closing back up, dr wanted to let heal closed alone and less chance of more infection. That’s where the worst words ever came along that I could hear.

SHE MORE THAN LIKELY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN. ORGANS WERE INFECTED, Now all my future dreams shattered. Whats there to live for? I felt like my purpose on earth was family! Now what?


So happy for all the friends I am making along the way! xxoo



Isnt there two side of Karma? I know when you do wrong, paybacks will happen!