More information on how to use Swagbucks


Hi everyone! What a week it has been.I have been  in bed all day on a Saturday. With Hashimotos Autoimmune Disorder and Fibromyalgia flare ups going on, this week has been super busy with overwhelming important days. I had a lot to think about and had to be on the top of the game everyday. Will explain all that in future post. I had posted at the beginning of the week about apps and sites I use to make money doing everyday things. I had a lot of questions involving the Swagbucks app. I decided to try and explain ways to make the bucks add up fast and add gift cards and/or paypal cash to your pockets quickly!

Using the link,, create a new account! ♥♥

Once you have created a account, Swagbucks will now ask you profile questions about your everyday life. It will need basic personal information, (name, address, age, location…). These are not questions so they can hack into your life. They are to set demographics, hobbies and info that will more personalize your swagbuck page.

They have lots of ways to make money and it adds up fast. You also get swagbucks for adding info to personalize offers for you with shopping, surveys, and daily task. There are daily goals to meet, which will give you bonus SB when you meet a first and second goal.

After all that is complete, watch the number at the top right corner of screen as it adds up. 100 swagbucks is $1.00 to get gift cards or cash. The more you add up, the higher the value. There is even card values where you can receive like a $25 Walmart card, for 2200 SB. That’s a $3 savings.

On Swagbucks home screen, left side, scroll down some. There is a daily to do list. There is a list of 8 task daily for you to do. Completing all of them not only gives you the points to add up your daily goal, but you will receive a bonus for finishing 6 out of 8  of the task daily. THEY ARE SUPER SIMPLE, FUN, AND CAN BE WIPED OUT IN LESS THAN A HOUR!

If you are a online shopper, and shop through swagbucks, you can get up to 20 SB per dollar spent. You even get SB, when redeeming to get gift cards. A couple times a month, they run a SWAGO game. It runs for a few days, and after activating your board, doing the task in each square, gives you winning patterns in order to win easy extra bucks. Starting Monday, they have search bucks collector bills. Randomly searching the swag app search bar, you win collector bills. Collect all of them for theme, and receive 50 extra bucks.

I hope these tips and tricks have helped and everyone enjoys the app. I am on year 2 maybe and have accumulated over  $500 in cash and gift cards. There are so many benefits to using this app, for watching short video clips, ads, discovering new content, getting freebies, taking surveys, and answering daily polls.

Let me know in the comments what you all think. Maybe if you have any more pointers to give to help others, feel free to add them.